Lost baby ferret. 4 months old. Lithopolis, Ohio.

Please contact Pat Highley at if you have found it.


Sunday, July 12  –  Distemper Vaccination Clinic.
Nobivac Puppy DPv distemper vaccinations. 
Waiver must be signed. Donation requested

Saturday, Aug. 8 - Rabies Clinic (tentatively  scheduled) 
$15 for Imrab 3 Rabies vaccination.
Location to be announced.

Sunday, Aug. 9 - ADV testing & Teeth Cleanings
Prepping your ferret for Ferret Buckeye Bash

Sunday, Oct. 18 - Post Bash Party
Location to be announced

Door prize drawing! Bring a snack..drinks provided!

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My name is Bella, I am with my daughter. Her Name is Nessie. I am 3.5 years old and Nessie is almost 3. 
We are both up for adoption but We ARE NOT your typical pet store ferrets. We came here from a breeder out west. We weren't spayed until we got here, which means we were older when it was done. We are bigger than most females you get from a pet store because of it.  We are both beautiful girls and would really love to be adopted by YOU! We really want to be with a family that we can call our own.

Our Shelter Director recommends that we go to a household WITHOUT SMALL CHILDREN since we have never been around them..

We are almost due for our Distemper and rabies vaccinations but if you would bring them to a meeting we can see that they get caught up on their Distemper vaccines.  The adoption fee is $150.00 for us both.  Our cost 'is to partially cover our spaying and our vaccinations. Also since we were fixed later there is less chance of us getting the diseases that end the already short lives of a pet store ferret.

Or if you prefer, you don't have to take us both. We will adjust with plenty of love and affection. The adoption fee for us separate is $80.00 each. We are with our foster pop in Xenia, Ohio. His name is Bill and he can be reached  by text messaging to set up a meeting. The number is 937-532-5665.

Adoptable Ferrets:


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