Heart of Ohio Ferret Association is currently seeking loving foster parents to support the many homeless ferrets being surrendered into our shelter, until they find their forever homes. 

What does fostering entail? As a foster parent, you will be responsible for day to day care of the ferrets- cage cleaning, grooming, feeding, socializing, and playtime- and then choosing a suitable adoptive family when the time comes. All food, litter, and medical expenses will be paid for by HOFA- you provide the love! 

Why foster a ferret? Aren't sure a ferret is the right pet for you? Fostering is a great way to test ferret ownership before committing to adoption. Maybe you'd like to have ferrets but can't afford them? Then fostering would be an ideal choice! If you've ever fallen in love with a ferret, fostering a ferret in need will be one of your most rewarding experiences. And the more foster parents we have, the more ferrets we can rescue, rehabilitate, and find wonderful permanent homes for.

Where can I sign up! If you're up to the challenge and the joy of being a foster parent, or have any questions about fostering, you can email our Shelter Chair at hofashelterchair@yahoo.com or leave a message at (614) 428-0279.   

Or you can complete our NEW Online FOSTER PARENT APPLICATION!

​​All ferret owners and prospective ferret owners are welcome to join us on FACEBOOK where you are welcome to participate in ongoing conversations, as questions and post pictures of your fuzzies. 


HOFA is committed to being the premier rescue organization where ferret enthusiast can find education, information, advice, friendship, competition and camaraderie.

To educate, network with and provide up to date information and support to ferret owners, pet stores, humane societies, veterinarians and the general public.

To promote the domestic ferret as a companion animal while encouraging responsible ferret ownership.

To provide ferret shelter and and rescue services

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The Christmas Ferret Giving Tree

At Christmas time each year, the Christmas

Ferret Giving Tree provides a listing of shelters and

ferrets in need.   

HOFA's current hospice ferrets are listed on

the Tree.  These are all special needs ferrets and

your thoughtful gift could help make their

remaining time happier.  

Please consider becoming a "Secret Santa" to

one or more of these special fuzzies by clicking

on the Giving Tree link to the right and selecting

Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue.


​​HOFA Rescue is now open for Adoptions!  

But  we do have a policy of not adopting out during the Christmas season from Dec. 15-Jan. 3.  Pets should never be Christmas gifts brought into a home during such a busy time.  Adoptions can be arranged to pick up after the holiday season. 


Please keep in mind that our rescues are in our foster parent's homes.  Due to Covid 19, we still do  ask that all safety precautions/masks be adhered to and visitations will be up to the foster's discretion.   

Go to our Adopt/Rescue/Foster page or email our Shelter Directors at:   ShelterChair@yahoo.com for additional information.