To educate and provide up-to-date information and support to ferret 

owners, pet stores, humane societies, veterinarians and the general public. 

To promote the domestic ferret as a companion animal while encouraging responsible ferret ownership. 

To provide ferret shelter and rescue services. 

She had already been involved in ferret rescues the year prior and by this time had four years experience raising ferrets of her own. Scarlett was the club's president from its conception until 2001 and is now back in that position.

​Early in the club's existence there was very little income to manage the rescues and much of the operating expenses were paid with Scarlett's personal funds. HOFA eventually registered as a 501(c)(3) and started to realize some income through membership dues and sponsoring the Buckeye Ferret Bash.

Today, HOFA is a thriving club under an operating board of trustees with Scarlett returning to the helm as Club President. As you can see, she is still very much involved in the organization and takes pride in the efforts of all the members.

In the fall of 2007 a large scale rescue was carried out at the ferretry of Douglas McKay in Marengo, Ohio.

​People from all over the United States volunteered countless hours and donated huge sums of supplies and money to the rescue. HOFA was there as well and provided the bulk of the manpower through the initial rescue effort to remove the ferrets from the McKay property.

HOFA continued assisting in the rescue until all ferrets were out of the initial rescue zone and placed with independent rescues and or private individuals.

Board Members

HOFA is committed to being the premier rescue organization where ferret enthusiast can find education, information, advice, friendship, competition and camaraderie.

HOFA owes its humble beginnings to Scarlett Gray Saling who decided she was up to the task of creating a ferret rescue organization back in 1996.

Heart of Ohio Ferret Association

& Rescue, Inc.

​Actively promote the club, send out monthly meeting notices, maintains the membership database, welcomes new members, and general mailings. Gets notices of meetings out to pet stores, FML, newspapers, and other established areas via email, PSA’s and flyers. Distributes an updated membership list and sends out notices of renewal to members. 

Actively contacting pet stores, vets, humane societies, schools, and general public for educational purposes and fund raising events. (i.e. speaking engagements, clinics, fun events, ferret awareness days). Copy, maintain and distributes educational information. 

Research and update information on health, meds and related issues. Research and update information on health, meds and related issues. 

Establish guiding principles, breeding responsibilities and monitoring of all participating members who are also ferret breeders. 

Maintains a listing of all shelter ferrets available for adoption. Oversees foster parents, monitors surrenders and adoptions, provides adoption packets and supplies. Moderates the Rescue-Net. Maintains all adoption and surrender records. Updates PetFinder listings. 


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Scarlett Gray-Saling


Scarlett Gray-Saling

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