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What is a hospice ferret?

A ferret hospice is similar to an “old folks” home. Ferrets get old and sick just like we do, but some owners can’t provide the proper care for these little fuzzies to live out a comfortable life. There are many ways to get a sick ferret to eat and many medications to treat their illnesses, but this can be time consuming and more expensive than some owners are prepared for.

​Sometimes hospice ferrets are referred to as “throw away”, but HOFA doesn’t agree. Unwanted doesn’t equate to unlovable or unworthy. Have you ever had a skinny, bald ferret wiggle its tail while giving you a kiss? That’s worth in itself!

At HOFA, we take in surrendered and abandoned ferrets and place those who need special attention in hospice homes. Here they get the medical care and TLC needed to spend the rest of their precious days in comfort.

HOFA is a non-profit group that runs solely on donations and volunteers. Please consider helping us give each needy ferret the care it needs by donating today.

For each donation of $10 we can provide food and most medications for a month.
The love and attention is free!

Thank you for your interest and support for such an important and worthy cause.

We have included a small slideshow of some of the hospice ferrets we have had under our care.  Some of them are no longer with us but you can be sure they were loved and taken care of until their final day.  

This is what HOFA is all about.  

Please consider a small donation to help us in our work.

​NOTE: All of your financial contribution goes to support HOFA.
All of our members and board members volunteer their time freely to HOFA. Money collected is used for food, medicine, supplies and support of our association.

Without you, we would not be able to continue our good work. 

& Rescue, Inc.

Heart of Ohio Ferret Association