About Our Rescue Shelter:

HOFA's rescue shelter was started in late 1996 in a private home.  Then in late 2004 we transitioned to the current foster parent program known as HOFA Rescue-Net.  The program has been a great success with taking in surrendered ferrets and try to adopt them out to loving homes. When a ferret first arrives they are evaluated for temperament and any health issues. Where needed, these ferrets, receive updated vaccines and are placed with foster parents until they are adopted out. Some ferrets are called Hospice ferrets. These are ferrets that have serious health issues, health or disposition issues that need addressed prior to adoption or may just become a permanent resident in our foster system.   More information.


Our shelter is largely funded by our ferret show, Ferret Buckeye Bash in August.  But donations are still very much needed and greatly appreciated from people like you.  Our goal is to increase our ability to accept the number of ferrets we can accept as well as the quality of life of our shelter and hospice ferrets.  Donations can be made via Paypal at using the address below: 


Please send via "Friends and Family" so no fee is taken out


Adoption Process:

If you are interested in adopting, please view our up to date list of ferrets needing homes. Then click on our ADOPTION APPLICATION LINK and complete our simple online adoption application.  If you have found a specific ferret or group of ferrets you would like to meet please note in the application.  Someone will contact you and arrange a meeting with the Shelter Chair or specific foster parent who is currently caring for the pets. You may also contact the foster parent listed on Petfinder directly or the HOFA Shelter chair but you will still need to complete the online application.  Once you have met with the pet and decide that you want to adopt all you need to do is go over the adoption procedures and cover the adoption fee. 

                                        HOFA ADOPTION APPLICATION!


Learn more about ferrets and ferret ownership.

Find adoptable ferrets ready for immediate placement.

If you are not local to Columbus Ohio area, please visit our RESCUES page, Support Our Shelters or go to The American Ferret  Assoc. for a listing of shelters closer to you.

Ferret Adoption / Rescue / Fostering

Surrendering / Rescue Process:

Rescues that come from HOFA Rescue's shelter have ALL tested negative for ADV and will have current distemper shots. Some will have their Rabies and some will have been treated with Frontline for flea prevention. The Rescue-Net will take in ferrets and care for them until they are adopted out or deemed to be a hospice ferret. HOFA is a “no kill” shelter.  


If you need to surrender your ferret, please contact our Shelter Chairperson.  

We also offer, Via FACEBOOK, a venue for those wishing to rehome their ferrets and would prefer to vet the potential new parent themselves.  You must request an invite to our Facebook group - Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue - which involves asking a couple simple questions.  A rehoming fee is encouraged but our group page does NOT allow the $ amount be listed...you must request potential parents to private message you for further negotiations.  


Becoming A Foster Parent:


We currently have many foster locations mainly covering Franklin County and contiguous counties in Central Ohio, as well as a few others that make up our Rescue-Net. If you would like to become a foster, please contact our Shelter Chairperson for more information.


Rescue Shelter Information:


We desperately need your help to support  the over 20 hospice ferrets in our care.  

These funds are use to help feed, house and provide medical treatment for abandoned and surrendered ferrets. These ferrets are not adoptable due to medical or temperament issues.  


Please consider a small donation to HOFA to support our hospice program.   No amount is too small!


Just log on to your PayPal account and designate sending funds to: 


Please send via "Friends and Family" so no fee is taken out

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to give up an update on Kenny, since I adopted him last year he's been so wonderful. He is my little helper and is always with me. He's such a joy, thank you so much for bringing this beautiful little guy into my life.


Heather Schwarz

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